Our Services

Oil Change & Smog Test

Here at Ralph’s, regular maintenance & Oil changes are the most essential services you can offer your vehicle. Through out your vehicle’s life, making these regular visits will ensure your vehicle lasts a long time and also saves you a lot of money!

Engine Services

Whether it is a domestic or foreign engine, here at Ralph’s Tune Up & Automotive Repair, we will keep your vehicle safe and reliable. We make sure we get it fixed right the first time to save you money and time. Our professional technicians will deliver top notch quality services!

Inspections & Brakes

Metal on metal is one of the worst conditions that leads to very expensive repairs on your vehicle. We make sure to inspect and if necessary replace your brake components, this way we can save you as much money as possible.


Precision is key when it comes to diagnostics. We will analyze and diagnose your vehicle and provide you an accurate and honest assessment estimate. It is very essential to trust diagnostic work in a fully equipped shop! Due to the time it takes to perform a diagnostic analysis, we may charge a fee for the process.

Tire Fills & Replacements

Another essential part of your vehicle’s overall health is the tires. Tires do a number of things that can slowly reduce and expedite the wear and tear on your vehicle.  Here at Ralph’s, we will work on wheel alignments, tire balancing, installation, rotation and more!


In a cars life time, the transmission is the most complicated and yet most important components of your vehicle. It is necessary to trust a fully equipped mechanic shop to handle your transmission maintenance. Here at Ralph’s Tune Up and Automotive, we do just that and more!

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